Stucco repairs after electrical panel replacement are a specialty at Nurse Stucco. If you’ve had recent work performed by your electrician that required new panel installation or moving an existing panel, chances are you’re in need of professional stucco patching to fill holes made when the electricians relocated conduit, or tour plumber fixed the leak inside the wall but got to the leak from the outside wall, and now you need a stucco patch to fix what the electricians did to the wall when they relocated existing or added new electrical panels. Stucco repairs and stucco patching start with the perfect stucco. The stucco is made by mixing cement, sand and water in exact measurements.

Unfortunately, what you get from Lowes or Home Depot is really a one-size-fits all solution BUT (USUALLY) ISN’T THE BEST CHOICE FOR EVERY STUCCO PATCH OR REPAIR! Nurse Stucco has the expertise to create this perfect mix that’s EXACTLY right for your project.

In addition, you have to consider what was done to the paper (water barrier directly against the wall) and lath (that’s the support material that looks sort of like chicken wire or thin metal strips or even rib lath was under and supporting the stucco).

Stucco panel patch repair really is not a do-it-yourself project for most people, and even home remodeling contractors usually call in the stucco specialists for this type of repair. Chances are that if you try doing it yourself you will be sadly disappointed as even attempting to patch a small hole in a stucco wall can leave you with some disastrous results that go beyond just the visual repair, and often lead to more expensive repairs.

Many elements go into making the perfect stucco wall patch for your walls.¬† Add to that, the stucco application by hand to match patterns and texture and colors is an art in itself… which is why it’s best left to the experts at Nurse Stucco.