Refinishing Stucco

The four most commonly used refinishing methods for stucco are: Re-stuccoing, Fog Coating or Allegro Cement Coating, Acrylic/Elastomeric Finish and Re-Painting (if the stucco has already been painted or the finish is Acrylic based). With any of these methods you will first need to prepare and clean the surface to remove any contaminates.

With any application the repair/patching of damaged areas and cracks with the use of Parex USA Adacryl Admix & Bonding Agent is recommended. A portland cement based skim/leveling coat may be required over an existing UN-painted, textured or sandblasted surface as required to achieve a uniform level of suction before refinishing, this will also help reduce the telegraphing of repairs.

Note: Smooth trowel cementitious finishes, even if not painted require some form of etching (light sandblasting is the most common method) prior to refinishing with a cement based stucco finish.

Note: Cracks should be bridged with a Parex USA fiberglass reinforcing mesh embedded in a skim coat of Stucco Level Coat or other appropriate Parex USA Base Coat and Adhesive. This is recommended to reduce the chance of cracks transferring through the new finish.

If the embedding of mesh option is selected, the entire surface should be skim coated uniformly to reduce the possibility of color variation. Please note, Stucco Level Coat and most other Parex USA Base Coats are not compatible with painted surfaces.

Stucco, Re-Stucco, and Stucco Repair Contractors

Nurse Stucco offers complete plaster and stucco services from complete new home stucco application, re-stuccoing existing structures, to fixing cracks and damaged stucco and plaster.

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