What Is Fog Coat?

According to the Stucco Manufacturer’s Association (the world’s leading authority on the care and maintenance of Stucco). Fog Coat is a cement-based finish that in simple terms is stucco without the sand. It can be made in just about any stucco color (except the very darkest colors), and allows lots. Patching, blending, freshening up, and re-coloring stucco.

Fog coating is the process that applies color to the original stucco while maintaining the porosity of the stucco. Fog coating is applied with a pneumatic sprayer, not unlike what you would think of as a paint sprayer.

The nozzles are a bit different but otherwise fog coating looks like you are painting. Fog coating will adhere and bond to the original stucco texture and give the same or similar texture as previously existed.

Why Fog Coating?

One of the big mistakes homeowners make with stucco homes is to paint them. Stucco was meant to breath and painting seals the stucco surface and it can’t breath so moisture can build up. This allows us to create some secondary conditions, the least of which could be staining.

Stucco finished homes are very common in San Diego, and Southern California. Stucco can come in many textures and patterns from a stippled sand texture to a troweled knocked down look. And when the stucco need freshening or a new finish, the first thing a homeowner thinks the house needs painting.

The primary purpose of fog coating is to achieve walls of uniform color. The stucco fog coating process also allows for re-coloring stucco in addition to freshening up the existing color.

Fog coating can also be used to overlay stains caused by dirt washed from roofs, discoloration due to soil. It clings to and stains the base of walls to cover non-removable efflorescence on the surface of  plaster. Fog coating can be applied to any stucco texture, whether it be sand float, Spanish, brocade, dash or other.

Advantages Of Fog Coating

Fog coat is a more permanent and durable option than painting fog coat becomes part of the underlying stucco. It never flakes, peels, or requires sandblasting. That’s an easy, economical, long-lasting application that can be matched to virtually any stucco color. So when it’s time to rejuvenate your stucco, applying fog coat is the smart solution.

Fog Coating Applied By Experts

The stucco specialists from Nurse Stucco ensure that the fog coat is applied correctly to achieve the desired color/stain. The professionals at Nurse Stucco are true artists with years of experience. Our people have developed their talent to the very best. The pride we take in every task is evident from both the finished product and our satisfied customers.