Brief history on Stucco and how it’s used for homes


Stucco homes and home building - a short history. One of the most common, traditional building styles is greatly misunderstood. Stucco, a material that is similar to plastering, has become an efficient, durable process that is prevalent in the United States from the mid-1800's forward to today. Because stucco looks similar to adobe, it

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Stucco Stain Removal and Sealing


Stucco siding is highly resistant to stains caused by exposure to the weather, nature, and the environment. However, staining and discoloration may still occur. The most common stains on exterior stucco are dirt and mildew. Stucco stains can be effectively removed using the proper tools and procedures. Whether you have some type of atmospheric

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Re-coat & Re-Stucco


Over time, rain erodes the thin coating of stucco that contains the sand that creates the texture layer. When this happens, the texture can easily be removed if the wall is cleaned with a pressure washer, or with time as airborne pollutants and rain continue to erode the surface of the stucco. To prevent

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