Blaine and Darren Nurse Owners of Nurse Stucco

Blaine and Darren Nurse – Owners

We are San Diego Stucco and Re-Stucco Contractors. Blaine Nurse and Darren Nurse are brothers and were born and raised in San Diego County. Their company, Nurse Stucco Inc. has been proudly serving all San Diego communities as well as Riverside and Imperial Counties. Serving Southern California, Blaine and Darren both have over 35 years of trade experience in the stucco industry.

Blaine and Darren Nurse first experience with Stuccoing was with their father when he started his company back in 1981. It was named “Jerry L. Nurse Plastering”. In 1992 they formed a partnership with their father creating “Jerry L. Nurse and Sons Plastering”. After the passing of their father they established their company as Nurse Stucco Inc. in the year 2000.

Nurse Stucco Inc. is a locally owned Stucco & Plaster Contractor business, and all of our employees are fully qualified. We ensure our customers receive the highest performance on the jobs that highly skilled and experienced craftsmen can provide. Our staff at Nurse Stucco is a group of highly talented and experienced individuals with a wide range of experience. Some have been working with us for as long as 18 years. We take pride in the way we treat our employees as it reflects unto our customers.

With crew experience ranging from 25+ years to 1st year apprentices, we take great care in reviewing our employees. As they represent our company, each of our crew members are individually selected for their customer service. Also their attention to detail, in addition to their technical ability. At Nurse Stucco we set and consistently maintain the highest standards in the stucco construction industry. We do this because here at Nurse Stucco it is our goal to provide 100% satisfaction for our customers.

Santa Sofia Church in Casa de Oro

Santa Sofia Church in Casa de Oro

Our Residential and Commercial Stucco, Lath & Plaster Services:

Re-coat & Re-Stucco Room Additions Custom Homes Commercial Stucco Residential Stucco Historical Home Repairs Synthetic Stucco Finishes. Complete Lath & Plaster New Home Construction Commercial Stucco & Plaster Repair Remove and replace stucco Stucco Trash Enclosures. Stucco Repair on electrical panel replacements Monokote Beams

Residential Stucco & Plaster Repair Block or Frame Wall Plaster Fog Coating Exterior Rejuvenation & Repairs Interior Textures. Ceiling Removal Water and Sand Blasting Scaffolding Stucco Stain Removal Architectural Foam & Window Trims Stucco Home Makeovers. Remodeling Fire & Water Stucco Damage Repair Lath & Plaster Additions Monokote Fireproofing

While Nurse Stucco partners with developers on new home and commercial projects and private homeowner. People looking to add value to their new or existing home are our primary customer. Whether you are considering a remodel, retrofit or applying stucco to your new home, Nurse Stucco Inc. is your solution.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your next stucco project.

San Diego Building and Remodeling Contractors choose Nurse Stucco Inc. because we get the job done. Nurse Stucco, Inc. works with many San Diego contractors on a steady basis of Commercial and Residential projects, which include:

  • Custom Homes
  • Room Additions
  • Sandblast & Re-stuccoing

Building and Remodelers Include

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